Receive Up to $30,000 Back
for Your Brand New Investment Rental Property through an HST Rebate Program

How It Works!

How it works

Qualify and receive up to $30,000 in HST rebates for your
brand new investment properties

HST Rebates Toronto

HST Rebates Toronto is a Toronto-based HST Rebate Consultancy specializing in rebates for investment properties. We help investors get up to $30,000 for their investment/rental condominiums and homes that they bought directly from builders.

We've been helping our clients over the last 7 years and have an extensive understanding and experience in all matters related to real-estate purchases, sales, and HST/GST new housing rebate questions.

We have extensive knowledge of the Toronto based residential real-estate market and have helped hundreds of investors claim and receive HST rebates for their investment/rental properties.  We help our clients with the process of the application that enables them to get a maximum return for their claims. 

We work with all kinds of investors from private individuals with a few properties to serious investors with multiple properties across GTA, Ontario and other provinces across Canada.

  • We have helped hundreds of real estate investors claim and receive HST Rebates for their investment / rental properties.

  • We help our clients with the process of application that enables them to get a maximum return for their claims.

Get to know us

Marc Roginsky

As a co-founder of HST Rebates Toronto, Marc utilizes his experience in business development, online marketing and customer service to establish the company’s presence on the and to sett up its customer service best practices.

Prior to HST Rebates Toronto, Marc was a co-founder of HeadStart Social and HeadStart Solutions – prominent digital marketing and recruiting agencies based in Toronto.

Natalie Roginsky

Before co-founding HST Rebates Toronto with her husband, Natalie spent over 10 years working as a Real Estate Law Clerk for several prominent law firms in Toronto. Over the last 8 years, she has completed applications and consulted with thousands of clients that needed to get their money back through the HST Residential Rental Property Rebate program. She now uses her experience and knowledge to help hundreds of investors across Ontario and abroad.